2019 Annual Report

Letter from Linda

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Sunday Suppers continues to deeply impact families at our two sites, First Presbyterian Church in Germantown and Marie Bracetti Academy Charter School in the Juniata section of Philadelphia. This year we hosted both a fall and spring cohort at each site, holding graduation for 28 families.

I am pleased to announce that Sunday Suppers applied for and in March 2019, received our own 501(c)3 designation. We are now a wholly independent - no longer fiscally sponsored - nonprofit organization, with greater access to donor advised funds and other grant opportunities. As part of this designation, we have created a Board of Directors to govern and guide Sunday Suppers as we grow and serve more families in underserved neighborhoods. It is an impressive group of dedicated individuals who believe in our mission and the work we do. They each bring a unique perspective and skill set which, in the end, will make Sunday Suppers a stronger organization.

Also this year, Whole Foods rewarded our mission to teach healthy cooking techniques and eating behaviors to underserved families by naming us in their “Nickels for Nonprofits” program, where customers can bring reusable bags and donate that nickel to our program. Just another indication that the work of Sunday Suppers is getting recognized.

While we continue to maintain our two sites, late in this fiscal year we began a collaboration with Esperanza Health Center and Jefferson Lab to integrate our proven program into the medical model, so we can more concretely measure the power of food to improve health. Please stay tuned for more news on this exciting front!

I am grateful to everyone who has supported our organization and families in innumerable ways. We are making a difference in underserved communities. Our work would not be possible without your belief in our mission. Thank you for your continued support.


Founder & Director

Sunday Suppers partners with low-income families to address nutrition|eat healthier|build community.

Our goal is to provide participants with the tools, knowledge, and confidence needed to successfully take control of their own health and wellbeing. With the family meal as the centerpiece of our program, we offer hands-on nutrition and cooking workshops, weekly dinners and take-home meal kits, kitchen equipment, and a fun and supportive environment. We partner with other community organizations to ensure that our families have access to complementary services, as we understand that they face a multitude of obstacles on their path to a healthier lifestyle.

Between 2011 and 2019, Sunday Suppers has served:


Why Sunday Suppers?

What you eat can influence your overall health and risk for chronic disease. While certain foods may trigger chronic health conditions, others offer strong medicinal and protective qualities. For example, a diet abundant in plant foods, rich in healthy fats, whole grains, and vegetables can strengthen your health, while unhealthy diets high in sugary drinks, fast food, and refined grains are a main contributor to conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and obesity.

Overall, 22% of Philadelphians rated their health as poor or fair

children (ages 5-18) are obese
adults are obese
adults have hypertension
adults have diabetes

Children and adults with obesity are at an increased risk for developing chronic conditions including high blood pressure|Type 2 diabetes|asthma|cardiovascular disease.

Our Impact

Sunday Suppers participant families reported an increase in the number of days a week in which they consumed healthy foods.

The number of days families reported consuming...

Before Sunday Suppers

After Sunday Suppers

Fresh vegetables

Fresh fruits

Whole grains

Participant families also reported a decrease in the number of days a week in which they consumed less healthy food options.

The number of days families reported consuming...

Before Sunday Suppers

After Sunday Suppers

Fried foods



Families also reported consuming sugary drinks less often after particpating in Sunday Suppers.

Meet Comfort and Will

Comfort’s primary motivation for joining Sunday Suppers was the prevalence of heart disease within her family, the cause of several relatives’ deaths. For her children’s sake, Comfort decided to take a step toward breaking this vicious cycle so she could be around for many more years. Comfort, Will and their 8 children changed their dietary habits from eating no fresh vegetables at all, to incorporating them into their diet 5-7 days a week. The first time she walked into the fresh produce aisle at her grocery store was after trying Sunday Suppers’ healthier mac & cheese. She learned that substituting butternut squash for less dairy product eliminated some of the excess fat and sodium in traditional recipes. She was so excited that she was able to add more nutrients without sacrificing the taste, that she wanted to make it again at home for her family. Since then, she has been visiting the fresh produce aisle on every trip to the market!

Meet Nate


Nate’s family joined Sunday Suppers because obesity, which runs in their family, is a major health concern for them. With an interest in cooking to begin with, Nate immediately took to Sunday Suppers. He came straight from school to cook in the kitchen to help prepare the weekly meal. On days when he wasn’t at Sunday Suppers, Nate would help his mother at home to prepare food for their family. At graduation, he was the recipient of the Sunday Suppers’ Junior Chef award. Nate is determined to work hard at school, to be a leader, and not let the challenges that he faces define him.

Spring Supper - Building Bridges

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Our spring fundraiser in April celebrated the power of food to build bridges - bringing people and cultures together to create lasting relationships. We were honored to celebrate Cristina Martinez & Ben Miller of South Philly Barbacoa, whose restaurant gained national recognition in 2016 when they were named the 6th best restaurant in the United States by Bon Appetit. Cristina and Ben are committed to community, diversity, and respect of others, and they are always building bridges through their food, employment, and support of immigrants.

We were joined by guests and raised over $ through donations, ticket sales, and our exciting silent & live auction items.

We are incredibly grateful to Feast Your Eyes Catering and FAME at MaKen Studios North for hosting our annual event and making it the success it was.


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Foundations 75,000
Individuals 65,117
Special Event 62,338
Corp/Matching 15,070
In Kind 25,531
Total Revenue 243,056
Personnel 160,206
Indirect 14,564
Program 22,985
Special Event 5,201
Office 2,246
In Kind 25,531
Total Expenses 230,733
Carry Over 12,323

Our Board

Sunday Suppers’ Founding Board of Directors was formed this year, after receipt of our 501(c)3 status. It is currently comprised of 5 individuals who are dedicated to our mission and desire to grow Sunday Suppers into an organization that can increase the number of communities and individuals we serve, while deepening our program to match the evolving needs of our participants.

Dia Williams

Dia Williams Adams, Board Chair

Dia values family and wellbeing, and believes that families are strongest when they work together and care for one another. Dia has more than 20 years experience in the government, healthcare, higher education, and nonprofit sectors.

Sharon Bishop

Sharon Bishop, Treasurer

Sharon is a Sunday Suppers’ Founding Funder, having supported our organization since inception. Sunday Suppers’ mission to teach participants over a period of time is, in Sharon’s view, an organization worthy of financial and nonfinancial contributions. Sharon opened Bishop & Bishop, her own litigation consulting firm, in 2008.

Denisse Guzmán

Denisse Guzmán, Secretary

Growing up and working in Philadelphia, Denisse has witnessed the distress families endure to simply make ends meet. Denisse brings over 10 years of HR experience, and believes the Sunday Suppers’ program is a perfect vehicle to help give back and strengthen communities.

Amanda Peguero-Márquez

Amanda Peguero-Márquez, Vice Chairperson

Working and growing up in a culture that incorporates food into every aspect possible, Amanda believes that food and family go hand-in-hand. Amanda has dedicated 17+ years to nonprofit work in Philadelphia and Bucks County

Monique Curry-Mim

Monique Curry-Mims

A devoted cooking show follower and a self-proclaimed foodie, Monique believes in the power of food and family meals. Monique has 15+ years experience with nonprofits, and is a Principal & Founder of Civic Capital Consulting.

Foundation Support

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  • Leo and Peggy Pierce Foundation
  • Claneil Foundation
  • Patricia Kind Foundation
  • Millrace Foundation
  • Nararo Foundation
  • Greentree Community Health Foundation
  • Elizabeth B. and Arthur E. Roswell Foundation
  • Wawa Foundation
  • Drueding Foundation
  • David Family Foundation

Corporate Donors

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  • BB&T
  • Bishop & Bishop, P.C.
  • Fantes Kitchen Shop
  • Feast Your Eyes Catering
  • New Foundations Charter School
  • International Women’s Club of Philadelphia
  • Laborer's District Council
  • Laborers'- Employers Cooperation and Education Trust
  • Philcom, LLC
  • Terra Vida Holistic Centers
  • Think Brownstone, Inc.


Incyte Corporation
Quaker Chemical
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation


Baker Street
The Angry Mountain Films
Anne Saint Peter Photography
Antionette Martinez
Chris Wagner Graphic Design
Common Market
Danya Henninger
DiBruno Bros
Earth, Bread & Brewery
Esposito Meats
FAME – Feast @ Maken Events
Fante’s Kitchen Shop
Feast Your Eyes Catering
Frank Morris
Garces Group
Insomnia Cookies
Jennifer Zavala
Lynn Buono
Nydia McClean
Philly Foodworks
Shari Laskin
Soom Foods
Stenton Family Manor Hope Farm
Sysco Foods
TapRoot Plus
Tortilleria San Roman
Weavers Way


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Terryl Decker
Marcea & Jude Driscoll
Abraham Goldstein
Ira Goldstein & Linda Samost
Stephen Samost & Shari Laskin

$1,000 - $4,999

Sharon Bishop
Dennis Bower
Lee & Mariella Esposito
Marilyn Frank & David Feldman
Gary & Bryna Goldstein
Noah Goldstein
Alice Hausman & Jesse Berlin
Frank Hollick & Bonnie Queen
John Hopkins
Gary & Carol Kalustyan
Paul & Dana Karsevar
Cheryl Kritz & Richard Gold
Catherine Recker & Matthew Pappajohn
Ann Ricksecker
Goldie Schultz
Dorel Shanon & Stuart Bogom

$500 - $999

Joan Adler
Lynn Buono & Skip Schwarzman
Aaron Campbell
Colleen Christian & Courtland Schmidt
Wendy Epstein
Jerry Fagliano & Mara Natkins
Amanda Feifer
Cynthia & Brad Flaugher
Gregg Fromell & Beth Rezet
David Gary Smith
Beth Haas
Marie & Ted Keller
Charlie & Susan Lynch Killoran
Natalie Levkovich
Chris Martire
Michajlo Matijkiw
Barbara Mattleman & Dean Kaplan
Navid Moosa
Liana & Mark Ottaviani
Larry Passmore & Maureen O'Ryan
Michele Reimer & Jeff Winkler
Linda Shade
Maurie Smith & Casey Reeve
Bobbi Smith Zimmaro
Karine Sommers
Susan Sorenson & Richard Berk
Sara Vernon Sterman
Yolanda Wallace
Pat Wisch

$100 - $499

Stephanie Abrahams
Anna Adams-Sarthou
Gary Agia
Geoffrey Agrons
Kathy Amrom
Susan Adam
Kay Armstrong
Gene Bender
Margaret Berger Bradley & David Bradley
Joe & Janine Brandolo
Joel Brazy
Ann Bronczyk
Nori & Martin Brown
Diane Brumble
Mary Ann & Ned Case
Katherine Cater
Mariana Chilton
Gabriele & Mike Cipollone
Joe & Carroll Clay
Rory Cohen
Robin Coleman
Jon & Emily Conant
Debbie Courter & Steve Aicholtz
Linda & Joseph Cristalli
Martha Cross
Monique Curry Mims
Della Vecchia
Sandra Dempsey & Suzanne Daub
David D'Onofrio
Pat & Jackie Duci
Renee Dupree
Teresa Dwornik
Linda & Michael Dzuba
Sally & Stewart Eisenberg
Lisa & Scott Elias
Albert Esquenazi & Rosa Esquenazi-Broid
Rachel Falcove
Steve Fisher
Lori & Tom Flynn
Debby & Joe Foster
Susan Frank
Robert & Rebecca Friedrich
Nancy Fuchs Kreimer & Seth Kreimer
Allan & Harriet Gelfond
Patty Gerrity & David George
Shai Gluskin & Sarah Braun
Roxanne Goebel
Cheryl Grady
Gil & Ellie Hanson
Mark & Carol Huxta
Scott & Yardly Jenkins
Eileen Jones
Lauren & Mark Kahn
Grace Kawahira
Saku & Gary Klein
John Knapich & Jean Sachs
Susan & Scott Kobler
Linda Koons
Lance & Mary Laver
David Levine & Joanna Weinberg
Murray Levine
Marjory Levitt
Joann Levitt
David & Irene Baker
Debra & Rob Lutz
Rod MacNeil
Alyson & Greg Mandel
Kate & Geof Margo
Margy Wilcox
Anastasia Matijkwi
Matthew Kremer
Tim & Maggie McCullough
Denice Meeink
Maria Mendez
David & Judith Mercuris
Michael & Gabrielle Cipollone
Brian Murray
James Murray
Dorothy Murray
Annette Myarick
Adina & Norman Newberg
Ann O'Brien
Polly O'Keefe & Maria Frontera
Wiggy Olson
Lisa Orlick & Corey Salka
Abe & Esther Orlick
Catherine Ormerod
Carol Parzen
Kim Pelkey
Pat & Charlie Pelletreau
Steve & Cindy Perkiss
Katie Peysakhov
Anita Pignataro
Trina Poretta & Jeffrey Ranalli
Doug Porpora & Lynne Kotranski
Amanda Peguero
Robert Pugliese
Pat Quigley & Sharon Weinman
Linda Ramsey
Isabel Reiser
Len Reiser
Virginia Resseger
Penny Rezet & Eric Feingold
Lillie Rizack & Carol Murray
Anne Robbins
Louise Sacks
Mimi & Jeff Satterthwaite
Rochelle Sauber
Susan Schewel
Nancy Schomburg
Margaret Schooling
Dveera Segal & Brad Bridge
Nancy & Jerry Shick
Lisa Shulock & Nan Feyler
Donald Silver
Laura Silverman & Matt Bartholomew
Elise Singer & Don Perelman
Casey Reeve
Carolyn Sonstein
Debbie Greenstein & Susan Spencer
Susan Spitz
Kathleen & Donald Stackhouse
Susan Steinberg
Cheryl Stormes
Tom Sutton & Andi Casher
Grace Tak
Anne Taylor
Ellen Tedaldi
David & Rebecca Thornburgh
Judy Thorpe & Janet Pritchard
Cassie Totaro
Steven & Marissa Truong
Pat Urevick & Irv Ackelsberg
Morgan Wade
Bridget Wadzuk
Liz Walsh
Gerry Wang
Larry Weisberg & Becky Johnson
Ruth Wells Fischer
Liz Werthan
Dia Williams Adams
Amy & Bernie Wilson
Steveanna Wynn
Shelly Yanoff
Nancie Zane & Stuart Charme
Sydelle Zove & Stephen Kaufman
Peggy Zwerver

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Jennifer Acosta
Christian Auve
Rachael Brekke
Jeff Bakely & Gail Bober
Patricia Baldridge
Maryann Barnard
Elyse Baroncini
Pete Hoskins & Sharon Barr
Alexandre Bois
David Broida
Kara Byler
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Fernando Chang Muy
Joseph & Evelyn Chrol
Sherry Clearwater
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Beverly Cupo
Pete & Susan Davis
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Jim Feldman & Sharon Sigal
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Nick Torres
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Heidi Watson
Trudy Watt
Muriel Weiner
Ann Weinstock
Suzanne Willard
Christopher Wood
Lauren Young

What’s Ahead

This past summer, in collaboration with Esperanza Health Center and the Jefferson University Health Design Lab, we implemented a six-week (12 session) family-centered health and nutrition pilot program; Recipe for Health. In addition to more targeted workshops on diabetes, high blood pressure, and emotional health, the number of physical activity sessions increased. Even though this was a compressed program, we again saw the impact we have demonstrated with our Sunday Suppers model – more nutritious dietary behaviors, indicators of improved health. In 2020, we will integrate this model into the new Esperanza Health Center building in the heart of Kensington, which will allow us not only report on behavioral changes, but also assess the degree to which they impact specific diseases, most notably diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity.

Rooted in the mission of Sunday Suppers is the power of food to influence overall health, and to significantly impact health disparities in the communities we serve. Our ancestors knew this and structured their diets to optimize their health. There is growing research in the area of "food as medicine" to better quantify the magnitude of this essential link. Through Recipe for Health we intend to show that the integration of the Sunday Suppers model into community health centers can cut healthcare costs, improve patient outcomes, and give participants greater control over their health and wellbeing.